Del Moment Code of Conduct

Imagined by Del Rainbow, a fashion collective driven to ignite change in their industry, Del Moment is intent on redefining the way we dress, and how the pieces in our wardrobe came to be. Defined by the notion of time, Del Moment celebrates the wearer—reminding us of moments that mark what we’ve achieved, and welcome possibilities for the direction we are about take. Can clothes really do all that? We think so.

We created Del Moment to educate ourselves, and others—valuing progress, purpose, and people before product, always.

We are committed to ensuring that every inch of Del Moment is created with great intention, considered practices, products and purpose. Not only this, but the human beings behind every step of Del Moment and every inch of our supply chain, are aligned with this purpose and foundation. We are doing this together. We know this because Del Moment took years to come to this point. There was significant depth in the research that went into place for all areas of supply chain and product choices, no stone was left unturned. Even when all of the odds were against us and we were at holts with challenges, we pushed forward and continued to drive forward with our foundational commitments until we found the right pathway. We did not skip any steps throughout our process, which we can openly state, certainly added significant pressure both financially and personally as we strived to have the unwavering commitment to ensure standardised responsible and purposeful product was made.

We created Del Moment to be founded on responsibility and to foster, champion and ignite change, education, value and perspective within the industry. Our partners are the most integral element within the Del Moment infrastructure, without them, none of this comes to fruition. The most important element within the building of this supply chain was to ensure that we solidified such strong relationships with every inch of our supply chain so that there was trust and partnership embedded from the beginning, knowing that all values and goals are shared between partners. This kind of partnership means that everyone is working towards the same goal and vision, maintaining those same values to create and make a difference. We know one another, we see one another and we share the passion for this impact and what we can cultivate together. Del Moment supply chain is built on this foundation, we are all working towards pushing the boundaries and doing this very right throughout every stage of the journey. Not only this, but this transparency is provided to our community, the wearer and to all who come into contact with Del Moment.

Driven to invigorate our local fashion industry, every Del Moment piece is made in Australia. This allows us stronger relationships, transparency, the hands that touch and create each process, and knowing the people and energy within the supply chain that ultimately is infused into each garment and the business foundational elements. We have sought to partner with change-makers who align with our intention, including Catwalk Clothing, Rollason Bowring Design, Vince Clothing, MTK & Richmond Laundry — all have been audited and accredited by ECA® (Ethical Clothing Australia) to ensure every worker is paid fairly, receiving the correct entitlements and are working in safe conditions under Australian laws. Not only this, but have aligned environmental practices within their business and production/ creation houses. We also showcase transparency on our website for our second and third tiers of our supply chains for fabric sourcing, trims and all elements that go into creating Del Moment. This guide and openness is at the forefront of all that we do and will continue to bring forward as we grow and thrive on our mission.

A truly collaborative vision, Del Moment represents the wardrobe we would be proud to wear. With decades of experience uniting us, we acknowledge our privilege to enter this space. Being witness to what has been done before, and what has been accepted has led us to consciously resist these problematic practices and begin to set a new standard. Defining value for us was key: how do we not just invest in a brand, but in ourselves, and our future selves. Del Moment is a fluid, ever-evolving concept, filling the voids we feel called too—and that you, our community, propel us towards. You are here, at the very beginning of our journey and we’re honoured to share with you our efforts so far. To ensure our partners also comply with these standards at a minimum, we have our signed copies of our supplier code of conduct in place, further to this we have their accreditation records, their own company policies, environmental policies and procedures and a connectivity with our local suppliers who are visiting one another consistently. During COVID, we have actively engaged with our suppliers weekly via calls, emails, requested images and videos to remain up to date with their workplaces, practices and environments. Outside of this, our production management and team will be conducting in person visits each quarter to our local supply chain. We expect the highest level of environmental, ethical, social and economic practices. We have strong relationships with all parties and knowing that we actively chose these partners based on their own practices, values and implementations of these areas priors to us working together, so we are very confident that this trust is the foundation of our partnership and Del Moment creation. This is our commitment.

Legal and Ethical Standards

We adhere to all legal requirements and the highest ethical standard and expect the same from our suppliers, across international, national and local regulations.

Del Moment partners and practices ensure that a Global Standard for Living Wage is paid to all employees, partners, contractors within the business. defines a living wage as:
“The remuneration received for a standard workweek by a worker in a particular place sufficient to afford a decent standard of living for the worker and her or his family. Elements of a decent standard of living include food, water, housing, education, health care, transportation, clothing, and other essential needs including provision for unexpected events.”

All Del Moment partners ensure that their employees are paid fairly and ethically based on the appropriate Australian Standard Awards (given majority of our supply chain for first and second tier is based in Australia), or the appropriate set award wages to be ensured a fair and competitive wage is covered based on their national or localised regulations.

Wages must cover benefits, working hours set and be compensated fairly, overtime is voluntary and compensated at a rate that fairly reflects the additional undertaking and complies with local laws, transparent record keeping is in place.

Del Moment is built on the foundation that all human social compliance governance is in place and practice by a governing body. Not only this, but the environmental accreditation’s for product is also in place. This is a list of accreditations we require for partnership where this coverage is necessary or relevant to the specific business. We work with all of our partners to ensure transparency and also how we can grow together to achieve future goals.

Social Compliance;

Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) is an accreditation body. We work collaboratively with local textile, clothing and footwear (TCF) businesses to protect and uphold the rights of Australian garment workers. To be ECA accredited, a business’s manufacturing operations are audited including head office(s), any in-house manufacturing operations and all outsourced locations in Australia to ensure that local TCF workers, including outworkers, are being paid appropriately, receiving all their legal entitlements and working in safe conditions. ECA’s audit covers workers in design, pattern making, cut, make, trim, value-adding, dispatch and associated area and outworkers throughout the supply chain.

Our Accreditation Program
Our accreditation program maps a business’s Australian supply chain from design to dispatch including initial design, pattern making, cut, make, trim and all value adding services. This crucial work is done via annual compliance audits conducted by the TCF Union team. The program encourages companies to view supply chain management as a fundamental part of the business.

Our Mission
We protect the rights of both local factory-based workers and outworkers (also known as homeworkers). Outworkers are particularly vulnerable in the TCF industry as they often work in isolation, facing unrealistic deadlines, long hours, irregular work and occupational health and safety issues. These workers can have a lack of awareness of their legal rights and entitlements and can have a powerlessness to speak out about problems in fear of losing work altogether.

Sedex is a membership organisation that provides one of the world’s leading online platforms for companies to manage and improve working conditions in global supply chains. We provide practical tools, services and a community network to help companies improve their responsible and sustainable business practices, and source responsibly.

Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) is an industry-driven movement that aims to monitor and assess workplace standards across the global supply chain. A BSCI audit helps a business monitor its supply chain to ensure that all suppliers are treating workers ethically and legally.

The Higg Index is a suite of tools for the standardised measurement of value chain sustainability, and it is central to the SAC’s mission to transform businesses for exponential impact.

It is comprised of a core set of five tools that together assess the social and environmental performance of the value chain and the environmental impacts of products, including the Higg Facility Environmental Module (FEM), Higg Facility Social & Labor Module (FSLM), Higg Brand & Retail Module (BRM), Higg Materials Sustainability Index (MSI), and Higg Product Module (PM). Across topics such as water use, carbon emissions, and labor conditions, consumer goods brands, retailers, manufacturers, governments, NGOs, and consumers can use the Higg Index to inform their individual sustainability strategies and drive collective industry transformation. We developed the methodologies of the Higg Index over ten years using the latest scientific research, in partnership with SAC members, consultants, stakeholders, and industry experts.

Other environmental and Fabric Focus Compliance / Certifications;
Bluesign, OEKO TEX Standard 100, Responsible Certified Fibres, Lenzing Certified, GOTS, FSC, GRS Standard

Transparency on both website/social media and with employees on all of the above.

Hours of Work
Hours of work must be fair and based on the agreement of employment between both parties. This must also comply with the national and local governing laws where the workers are employed and agreed upon within their employment contract. Regular breaks within the set working hours are provided and set based on the award or set government standard. Working hours must not exceed the set eight hours per day, or 40 hours per week at a full time rate, unless agreed on by both parties. Overtime must be voluntary (this must not be forced) and compensation or additional freedoms supplied by the employer based on what is fair. All employees must be treated fairly and equally.

Health, safety & hygiene
All suppliers ensure their employees are provided a safe and healthy work environment, including:
Not subject to hazardous conditions
Adequate bathing and toilet facilities
Fire prevention and safety
Water supply
If accomodation is provided, it is clean and safe
COVID safety measures and policies in place
Additional thorough cleans of the facility
Sanitiser available for all staff and necessary cleaning of environment in line with COVID safety practices
COVID deep cleaning where and if deemed necessary
Masks available
COVID plan in place for both employees and the company should there be an exposure

Environmental Management
Responsible recycling and waste management practices and systems in place.

Water Usage
Del Moment suppliers and partners ensure that responsible water usage is in place (given water scarcity is one of the most leading environmental issues), complying with local regulations relating to this. Not only this, but ensuring that the management of wastewater is environmentally friendly, based on the local regulations and laws. Equipment used minimises waste water.

Del Moment suppliers meet requirements in relation to chemical restrictions, safety & handling, hazardous materials.
Adhere to restricted substances list. No restricted substances are to be used.
Regulations are adhered to. No harmful toxins or chemicals.
If chemicals are handled and are absolutely necessary within the workplace, these must be used safely with policies and procedures held in place for those that do are trained to do so and have the education surrounding correct use. The employer must supply safety equipment for handling and all training.
No harm is caused to the environment from the usage of dyes or chemicals, and any chemicals used are on the AICIS register
GOTS certified dyes are available and first choice for supplier, this is the only dye used within Del Moment product

Minimisation of Carbon and Gas Emissions
Del Moment partners must hold the value and action within their company to take all necessary steps to minimise their emissions and /or partner with a verified company to offset emissions responsibly and authentically. This value must be a foundational element of all partners and with an action plan active or in place for the future to achieve to ensure this is met. Del Moment is a Carbon Neutral company, ensuring that all carbon is calculated and offset by partnering with Carbon Neutral Australia. We hold this value very high and want to ensure that our suppliers mirror this value within their company.

No Child Labour
Del Moment manufacturers and suppliers are not allowed to employ minors (defined as children under the age of 16). In cases where local legislation stipulates a higher minimum age, the higher limit shall apply.

No Forced Labour
Del Moment bans any form of forced or involuntary labour within our business, and manufacturers and suppliers. Employees are not required to make any form of “deposits”, nor are employers allowed to retain employees’ identity documents. Del Moment and our manufacturers must respect the right of their employees to leave their jobs after reasonable notice.

Working Conditions
Del Moment partners must provide a safe and comfortable environment for all employees. Employees have the freedom to provide feedback, raise concerns or complaints to management. The privacy all all employees personal information must be respected and remain confidential.

No Inhumane Treatment or Bullying
Del Moment as well as their manufacturers and suppliers must treat their employees with the utmost dignity and respect. Under no circumstances will physical punishment, sexual or racial harassment, verbal or power abuse or any other form of harassment or intimidation be permitted. All staff and team members must be treated with respect, dignity, fairness and kindness at all times.

Modern Slavery Statement
  Del Moment stand by the notion that everyone, everywhere has the right to a life free from slavery therefore we do not condone Modern Slavery in any form. This includes the use of violence or coercion to recruit  workers, forced or bonded labour, descent-based labour, child labour or any behaviour that undermines the freedoms or rights of a human being. 

  Del Moment do not tolerate Modern Slavery, we exist to ensure all people connected to the business are properly paid and work under pre-approved conditions. As per this acknowledgment, it is a requirement that our partners do not condone or operate any form of coercion that undermines the freedoms or rights of a human being. 

No Discrimination or Harassment
Del Moment and their factories agree that any hiring, dismissal, allocation of work, wages or promotions - are made without discrimination on the basis of race, colour, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or other similar factors (pregnancy, political opinion or affiliation, social status, etc.). There shall be no discrimination or unfairness within the workplace.

Freedom of Association & Collective Bargaining
Del Moment and their manufacturers are to respect the decision of any employee to choose whether or not to join a workers’ association or union. Both the facility and the workers shall ensure they conduct themselves in accordance with all relevant laws in this regard. Del Moment have no tolerance for bribery or corruption within the business practices.

Animal Welfare
Our Animal Welfare Policy is created to ensure our manufacturing and sourcing of animal products is done so with respect to their welfare and rights.
To date, we will not use any animal products or by-products of any kind in the manufacturing of Del Moment.

Prohibited materials include:
Reptile Skins
Any animal product that is not strictly a byproduct of being farmed for food

We respect the 5 Animal Freedoms and ask that our suppliers sign and agree to these and that they follow these principles in their operations.

Freedom from Hunger and Thirst - by ready access to fresh water and a diet to maintain full health and vigour.
Freedom from Discomfort - by providing an appropriate environment including shelter and a comfortable resting area.
Freedom from Pain, Injury or Disease - by prevention or rapid diagnosis and treatment.
Freedom to Express Normal Behaviour - by providing sufficient space, proper facilities and company of the animal’s own kind.
Freedom from Fear and Distress - by ensuring conditions and treatment which avoid mental suffering.

Continuous Improvement

We commit to continually improving our standards of practice and foundations within the business.
Del Moment also holds ourselves accountable to these standards and will always commit to the following;

We will always provide fair and mutually agreeable lead times and windows
Always making prompt payment in-line with agreed payment terms. We pride ourselves in honouring the value of time and energy placed into the service
Upholding kindness in communicative practice with empathy and understanding
Upholding forward communication for any foreseeable changes and working together to find a mutually beneficial solution
Continuing to source and expand our responsible and sustainable process and practices
Ensuring our footprint is minimised and accounted for
Honouring and supporting fair practice and pricing
Transparency to our end customer

Our motto remains as Be Kind, Be Kinder, Be the Kindest.

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