We invite you to connect deeper with the story and intention behind each garment through our Style-by-Style journeys, capturing our commitment to sustainability and transparency. To discover more about the many hands and hearts that make Del Moment, please select your chosen style and follow each step from design to dispatch.

01. Design

Our Wave Shirt is designed at Del Moment HQ in Byron Bay, Australia.

From here, our Tech Packs are created and sent to our pattern-makers in Melbourne, Rollason Bowring (ECA - Ethical Clothing Australia accredited), who refine the style to ensure our manufacturers can achieve the best possible first sample.

02. Pattern Making

Our pattern is passed onto our manufacturers who begin to sample and bring our Wave Shirt to life. Our pattern-makers and manufacturers are both ECA accredited and based locally in Melbourne. Being close by to one another makes this process seamless as they work hand-in-hand to communicate both in-person and online.

We are so proud to support our local industry peers. Many hands and energetic connections go into these initial processes.

03. Fabric Sourcing

We source our TENCEL™ Luxe (62%) / TENCEL™ (38%) Lyocell Lenzing Certified fabric from Mozartex (who have progressive environmental policies and procedures) in China. Our TENCEL™ Lyocell and Luxe is produced by Lenzing AG in Austria, with fibres sourced from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) sustainably managed forests.

The founder of Mozartex, Mozart Tseng was an early developer of dyeing and finishing techniques for TENCEL™ branded fibres dating back to 1992 in Taiwan. Mozart’s son, Mai actually worked with Lenzing directly to develop TENCEL™ Luxe, a filament lyocell which has silk-like properties. TENCEL™ Luxe is durable, meaning the garment will have a long life, is celebrated for breathability (unlike synthetic fibres), and requires significantly less dye than cotton.

This history and connectivity, alongside the progressive sustainability of the fabric creation, is what magnified the speciality of this fabric to be a part of the Del Moment journey.

04 Dyeing

Our fabric is sent directly from Mozartex to our dye house, Geelong Dyeing in Melbourne, Australia. Geelong dye our fabric (after a number of lab dips and the final colour is confirmed) with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified dyes. A small meterage of this fabric is then sent to our local manufacturers, also based in Melbourne, to sample for the second and third time in order to refine any adjustments prior to production and grading.

05. Sampling

Catwalk Clothing (ECA) are our local production house based in Melbourne, Australia. We work closely with the incredible team here and honour the passion and care they put into creating each individual piece. The samples are returned to us in Byron Bay to fit on our fit model and make any comments or refinements. Catwalk will sample between 1-3 times, prior to returning the final sample to Rollason Bowring, who proceed to size grade.

06. Trims

Our fusing is sourced from Circular Sourcing and woven in Germany with OEKO-TEX® certified 100% cotton. One side is coated with formaldehyde-free resin fusing. We had to combine this with a local recycled fusing alternative as we ran out of meterage closer to final production units. Our ongoing goal here is to source a functional lightweight GOTS certified fusing.

Our self-covered buttons are sourced from Adelaide Manufacturer in Melbourne, Australia made from a metal shank, covered in our Lenzing Certified TENCEL™ Luxe, derived from renewable wood sources, sourced from FSC and PEFC sustainably managed forests in Austria. We use any excess or 'scrap' fabric from the making of the Wave Styles to create the buttons.

07. Labelling

Our internal labelling (brand woven labels, size pips, and care labels) is made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester at GRS (Global Recycle Standard) from our manufacturer, High Top in Hong Kong, China who is BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) accredited. The labels are sent from Hong Kong to our Byron Bay HQ, then the exact numbers needed for production are shared to each production house, ensuring no excess.

Our swing tags (both our branded and secondary educational tag) are made from recycled paper in Sydney, Australia. These are sent to our Byron Bay HQ in bulk, we then send only the exact amount required to each production house, to limit any waste. Our swing tag hanging material is a Biodegradable PLA plastic garment seal cord with a GRS hangtag.

08. Grading

Once the final sample is confirmed, Rollason Bowring begin to size grade the style, ensuring that our sizing structure meets the global standard and measurements, based on AU sizing. The graded patterns are then passed onto Catwalk Clothing, to begin the final cutting and production process for the PO units placed.

09. Manufacturing

Catwalk Clothing, our ECA Accredited and trusted production house, based in Melbourne, Australia produce and hand make all of our Wave Series, intricately crafting and ensuring love, passion and ethical practices are infused and at the foundation of every piece. Catwalk make, QC, label, pack, and seal every single piece prior to these getting collected and sent back to our Byron Bay HQ.

10. Packaging & Shipment

All garments are packaged and transported in polybags that are home compostable (AS5810 ABAP 20001) created from wheat, cassava root, and sugar by High Top (BSCI accredited) in Hong Kong, China and sent to our Byron Bay HQ. We only ship the exact amount required for production to minimise waste. As a Carbon Neutral company, all carbon is calculated and offset for every single journey of this production.

Your Del Moment piece is hand-wrapped in eco-friendly branded tissue paper with stickers from No Issue that are FSC certified, printed on acid-free paper with soy-based inks. Both are compostable, recycled, and reusable. The final product arrives to you wrapped with Del Moment branded ribbon from Australian Printed Ribbon that is 59% bio-based ink and recycled woven edge satin ribbon.

11. Your Moment

Your Wave Shirt is here. We believe everything holds an energy and that energy that goes into creating your Del Moment piece is pure, filled with love, transparency, good intention and finished with joy and sparkly vibes ready to create your moment. This piece will now be a part of your journey where you go forth and harness your magic and create special moments. 1% of all profits are donated to 1% For the Planet and this piece contributes to i=Change.

This is your moment, enjoy this moment.