Rollason Bowring

We work closely with our pattern-makers Rollason Bowring Design, who have been in business, both pattern making and grading for over 25 years. RBD are experts in their field and we are honoured to partner with Glen and Scott, who are very kind, wholeheartedly care and support Del Moment, ensuring their intention is aligned with the our founding ethos. They also work hand-in-hand with our ready-to-wear manufactures, Catwalk Clothing. Being located in Melbourne, allows both Rollason and Catwalk to connect in person and navigate all challenges together to finalise the product. Rollason size grade all Del Moment garments and are the dedicated pattern makers for all garments, bar our denim. RBD are proudly ECA® (Ethical Clothing Australia) accredited.

Our Partners
Rollason Bowring
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