Mozartex are our dedicated supplier for TENCEL™ fabrics, a pioneer of TENCEL™ Dyeing and Finishing for the Lenzing Group since 1992. Founder, Mozart Tseng was an early developer of dyeing and finishing techniques for TENCEL™ branded fibres and Mozart’s son, Mai actually worked with TENCEL producers, Lenzing directly to develop TENCEL™ Luxe, a filament lyocell which has silk-like properties. Mozartex continue to purchase directly from Lenzing in Austria, and commission spinning and weaving through a few high-quality long-term cooperated mills in Jiangsu, China. Dying and finishing then takes place in the Mozartex facility. This means that full supply chain traceability can be guaranteed up to the final garments.

Mozartex use leading international, Bluesign certified brands for dyestuff and auxiliaries. The Bluesign system uses Input Stream Management to address the root of environmental issues – by guaranteeing the application of clean, sustainable ingredients at the beginning of the process. Their ecological dyeing process also applies a “cold pad batch” that saves 50% of water and energy. Mozartex has a self-owned wastewater/air treatment system. They monitor strict control and testing of emissions within their operations to meet effluent standards. A third-party lab test is conducted on their operations’ effluent every 3 months. Mozartex also use an online checking system for all wastewater COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), where the data retrieved is then submitted to government records.

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