Melbourne Textile Knitting co.

Melbourne Textile Knitting (ECA Accredited) are our dedicated supplier for GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)Certified Organic Cotton. MTK knit and manufacture our GOTS Certified Organic Cotton here in Australia. The Victorian mill has been servicing the local and international industry for the past 87 years. A testament to the capability and quality of our local Australian textile industry, MTK are also actively invested in the sector's future growth as Board members here at the Council of Textile and Fashion (AFC). MTK began in 1929 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and continued to supply a thriving local industry well into the new millennium. MTK fabrics are all designed, knitted, dyed and finished in Melbourne and shipped all around the world. MTK are also partnered with Flicker's, our dye house.

Our Partners
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Melbourne Textile Knitting co.