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All Del Moment internal brand, care and size labels are made from GRS (Global Recycled Standard) 100% post-consumer recycled polyester, sourced from our manufacturer, High Top who are BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) accredited. Our logo and garment information are printed in a non-toxic ink.

Our swing tags are made from recycled paper in Australia, and swing tag hanging material is a Biodegradable PLA plastic garment seal cord.

Our hanging tape is sourced from Simply Ribbons, United Kingdom. We made a conscious decision to use ribbon sourced from Simply Ribbons due to the unavailability of responsibly produced clear hanging tape (usually plastic or elastane) for hanger appeal, especially as these are generally removed by the consumer post-purchase.

Our garments are stored and sent to customers in compostable poly-bags from High Top in Kowloon, Hong Kong, made from PLA (polylactic acid), a combination of wheat, cassava root and sugar. They have received the Australian Standard, AS5810 and ABAP 20001 for composability, meaning they can be composted at home or in a commercial composting facility.

Our personalised Del Moment tissue is acid-free, made from cellulose fibre where the active acid pulp is eliminated during processing. It is also lignin- and sulphur-free, meaning that ink won’t transfer from the tissue and leave behind any of these chemicals when decomposing. Our logo is printed with soy-based ink, an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based inks, made from soybeans, a renewable resource. Our eco-friendly stickers are from No Issue, printed on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper products that are sourced from a forest and supply chain that is managed responsibly and sustainably. A tree is planted for every purchase we make through No Issue through their Eco-Packaging Alliance. No Issue products are home-compostable, breaking down in 180 days or 90 days in commercial composting conditions.

Our personalised Del Moment ribbon is manufactured in Mt Waverley, Victoria from wood pulp from certified plantations. It is produced in a safe, closed-loop process with material wastes recycled back into the system for reuse with no release into the environment. Used water is cleaned and returned to the source with routine testing to ensure thriving biodiversity in the local river. This optimised, low-impact manufacturing process produces less greenhouse gas emissions and less water, and has a significantly lower environmental impact compared to other conventional cellulose based fibres. The resulting material is 59% Biobased as certified under the USDA BioPreferred Program. The yarn itself holds independent certifications from TUV Austria regarding its ability to biodegrade in soil and water environments.

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