Del Moment Mission StatementOur Mission Statement

Imagined by Del Rainbow, a fashion collective driven to ignite change in their industry, Del Moment is intent on redefining the way we dress, and how the pieces in our wardrobe came to be. Defined by the notion of time, Del Moment celebrates the wearer—reminding us of moments that mark what we've achieved, and welcome possibilities for the direction we are about take. Can clothes really do all that? We think so.

We created Del Moment to educate ourselves, and others—valuing progress, purpose, and people before product, always.

A truly collaborative vision, Del Moment represents the wardrobe we want and would be proud to wear. With decades of experience uniting us, we acknowledge our privilege to enter this space. Being witness to what has been done before, and what has been accepted has led us to consciously resist these problematic practices and begin to set a new standard. Redefining value was key: how do we not just invest in a brand, but in ourselves, and our future selves. Del Moment is a fluid, ever-evolving concept, filling the voids we feel called to—and that you, our community, propel us towards. You are here, at the very beginning of our journey and we’re honoured to share with you our efforts so far.