Del Moment Mission Statement
Meaning of the moment, Del Moment is a concept that transforms with every stroke of the clock—from AM to PM.

Wearing Del Moment, not only are you ‘of the moment,’ but part of the future as we work together to standardise responsible Australian-made fashion. Designed with permeance, we are committed to this promise, filling the voids we feel called to in order to progress. An idea always in motion, invigorated through innovation and redefining the true meaning of value. We invite you to share our optimism, and join in life’s defining moments dressed as your individual self, empowered and ignited by y(our) purpose.

Our intention is to create a concept wardrobe of energetic possibilities; expressing an inclusive notion—to wear your truth. For each piece, every stage of production has been traced from design to dispatch and we are proud to share this journey, we call our Foundations. With vulnerability comes strength, with transparency comes power, and it is our hope that we pass this onto you—the wearer.

This is your moment.